2009 has started well. My first workshop here hosted by David Noton and myself was enjoyed by all the participance.

Annie Given from Belfast wrote,

“ Well, you did it again – you gave us a humdinger of a trip and plenty of great photo-ops. This year’s Morocco trip was even better than last year’s experiences. It was great to have David Noton offering tuition . But the highlight had to be Fes which is a place full of magic.” 

Clive Evans from Antibes, France said,

“Thanks thanks thanks for a great trip, did exactly what it said on the tin [how rare in this day and age]”

What can I say except it was a pleasure to be in the company of so many individuals bonded by their mutual love of photography.

For more info on my workshops go to http://www.moroccan-photo-safaris.com

So what will the rest of 2009 have in store??

With the help of www.blurb.com I’m hoping to follow the success of my first self publishing attempt “Scattered Pictures” “The Way We Were’ A journey of Discovery. This was  part family history, part auto biographical and as you would expect from a photographer very pictorial. Published for my sons and grandchildren and as I wrote in the book

“ It’s a journey to shed some light on what made us who we are. And hopefully give my sons Sean and Luke, my grandchildren Maris and Finlay and perhaps even the next generation a taste of the lives and times of those who went before.”

“The Way We Were” was for internal family use only. My next book project will be available to the general public via the “Blurb” web site.

It is called “Fings Aint What They Used To Be”  A social documentary on Southend-on-Sea in the sixties  when “East Enders’ descended on the Essex seaside resort in their thousands most weekends in the summer.

This I hope to follow up with a book on “Semana Santa” in Andalucia and the beautiful “Blue Village’ in the Rif mountains in Morocco.

Sites like Blurb have opened up a whole new world for photographers and empowered them to expose their work to the general public whilst maintaining complete control of the process at a price which you couldn't have imagined even a few years ago.

Vanity publishing??  Perhaps.

But like many photographers I am paranoid that when I leave this mortal coil, whoever is sorting my affairs will come across a pile of transparencies, negatives, and now-a-days CDs and DVDs and not being able to make head nor tail of them assign them to the waste bin!

Get your retaliation in first. Publish!!

Check it out!

Also if you organise workshops  check out http://www.los-molinos-andalucia.com

Best wishes, David W

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